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Hackboat 2020 Canceled

Due to the currently unfolding pandemic, we have decided that, for the health and safety of the community, our best course of action is to cancel this year's voyage. Hopefully the situation is much better next year, and we'll see you all on the Spring 2021 voyage of Hackboat!

What is an Unconference?

Unconferences reduce the usual emphasis on formal workshops and talks of the traditional conference structure and instead focus on informal connections.

The term "unconference" has been applied, or self-applied, to a wide range of gatherings that try to avoid hierarchical aspects of a conventional conference, such as sponsored presentations and top-down organization.

About Us


This year's Hackboat Unconference, a BSides Portland production, is taking place on April 28th, 2020 from 10AM to 5PM at the Portland Spirit Caruthers Landing.

Hackboat is a unique opportunity to meet and socialize with the leaders in your security field. We’re passionate about bringing people together to create new connections, insight and research.

We hope to see you aboard!

Attendee Information

Reasons to Attend

Latest Research

Hear about the latest research from the best and brightest in information security.

Meet your Academic Heroes

Unlike our sister conference, BSides Portland, which had over 1000 attendees last year, Hackboat is a much smaller, more intimate setting where you'll have access to those individuals who may be unapproachable at larger conferences.

Lightning Talks

Working on something interesting? Improve your presentation and communication skills during our lightning talks.

New Places, Fun Times

Last year's Hackboat Unconference was a great time, and this year is ship shaping up to be even better!

Refine your Ideas

Listening to and participating in lively discussions at the Hackboat Unconference can give you new ideas, help refine your existing concepts, and maybe even set you down a new path about some key issues in your field.

Food & Drink

Outstanding courses of appetizers as well as a selection of wine, beer and spirits are all available during the event.